Our animal buddies communicate continuously. They often communicate through images and feelings. It is so natural to them that they are sometimes confused or frustrated by our inability to understand. This is especially true when they are trying to offer protection or healing.

K9 Advisor Bailey is a 5 year old Australian Shepherd. She is a working dog; highly intelligent, intuitive, and sensitive to physical or emotional problems. Her response is to offer healing touch or deep eye contact to raise our awareness. The best part of her day is when we humans "get it". (Maybe second best, because chasing a tennis ball or Frisbee and swimming are hard to beat!)

K9 Advisor Mr. Gus is an 11 year old Corgi rescue. He is a working dog; highly intelligent, intuitive and sensitive to feelings. He loves to burrow under blankets. His favorite pastime is to cuddle and listen intently to every word humans say. He likes taking all the toys outside; but he also brings them back in at night. Watch for Mr. Gus's advice corner on our web site for some interesting ideas!

Dr. Grant has a lifetime of experience with all kinds of pets; along with 30+ years training working dogs and horses. In addition to this hands-on work, she also has a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership and a Master's Degree in Psychological Counseling. She is Certified in Psychological Counseling (NCC); Animal Behavior & Enrichment (CABE); and Animal Assisted Therapy/Education/Activity (CAAT). She is a Canine Behaviorist and Trainer as well as a children's mental health professional. These years of experience and breadth of training uniquely equip her to offer science-based plans with experience-based methods.

This team loves dogs & kids!

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