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If you are looking for a dog that is:

*One of the five most intelligent breeds (
*Is medium-sized and sturdy
*Has a beautiful and striking coat and eye colors
*Lives for athletic activities, mental work, & vigorous exercise
*Is exceptionally versatile, and when well-trained, can learn            and do almost anything

*Prefers the company humans

An Australian Shepherd may be right for you!

Keep checking this page as we add more information about different breeds to help you select and understand your family dog!

Also, ask about our K9s for Kids Dog Selection Service! We work with you to match breeds with family lifestyles so puppies and rescues can find their forever homes!


Not from Australia; originally bred to work on American ranches.

Dog Facts:

True! Aussies are voted by vets as one of the five smartest dogs; along with Poodles, Border Collies, German Shepherds, and Golden Retrievers (www.vetstreet.com ).

Information Coming Soon: Labs and Poodles!

One of the most intelligent and capable breeds in the dog world, the Australian Shepherd excels at the highest levels of competition. Australian Shepherds are variable in temperament and need a great deal of physical exercise and mental stimulation. Herding, advanced obedience, agility, jogging or biking, chasing balls, and playing Frisbee are constructive outlets for their enthusiasm. Boredom is the leading cause of destructive behavior and barking. Aussies can be demanding of time and attention and want to be with you constantly. Early socialization is important to avoid shyness or sharpness; and to form loving, protective bonds with children. Some are more challenging to train than others. The Miniature Australian Shepherd can sometimes get by with less physical exercise than their full-size relatives, but need just as much mental stimulation.  

Aussies were not originally bred to be simply household pets. Their working behaviors can be inappropriate in a normal household setting with no outlets for their high energy level. This can lead to Aussie puppies being turned over to shelters by well-meaning families who didn't know how to channel the Aussie energy into constructive activity. However, these dogs are amazing with the right owner in the right household!

Many breeders are now developing varying blood lines to offer Aussie puppies with family personalities while maintaining their #1 intelligence and love for work and athleticism. Ask your breeder for puppy personality scores to help make a good match for a forever home.


*Aussies have beautiful coats but they do shed so they need regular brushing.

*They may display anxious behaviors if they do not get enough physical and mental activity.

*Be sure to check with your veterinarian before adopting an all white Aussie; to evaluate potential health or behavioral concerns. These dogs still make awesome pets; but sometimes may have hearing or vision challenges specific to this color.